What Types Of Apps Can Be Used For Tracking Satellites

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Apps for Tracking Satellites


ISS Detector Pro

This is the main app I use now. I like it because I can select just the sats I want to see via filters, and at a glance I can open it up and see what sats are coming in range in the next few hours, or days.


I sometimes use Heavens-Above to supplement ISS Detector because ISS Detector doesn’t show you the time of max elevation and I like to know this because I use the time to track where the satellite is. I go over these apps in detail at the end of a live stream I did.


I don’t have any iOS devices but these are apps other people recommend:


Whenever people ask online what iOS app to use for tracking satellites this seems to be the most common answer.


“GoSatWatch and HamSat are far better than SatSat. HamSat does an excellent job with Doppler (handy for linear) and features like the time scroller in GoSatWatch make it a killer app.” – Mike, W8LID



“I like ProSat as it shows the Doppler frequency shifts live on the pass over. I think SatSat and SatelliteTrack have their own nice features too. ZL3GAV“

Sky Guide



Takes some time to learn but very powerful. The most popular software for serious satellite operators.


Easier to setup but less powerful than SatPC32. You can see me using it to simulate passes in this video.

Both these programs have features the other doesn’t. I find I have to use both depending on what I want to do. I go over some of the features of these two programs at the end of the same live stream I mentioned above.

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