I Cannot Find Ao 85 Tles In Gpredict Satpc32 Amsatdroid Or C


  • Seeing the posts I downloaded Gpredict to give it a try. I could not find AO-85 (FOX-1A) in satellites listed. Even AO-91 is in the current list. Can it be under some other name? source
  • I use an IOS satellite tracking program called SatExpPro which downloads the TLE's from Celestrak. I can't find the TLE's for AO-85 at the Celestrak site. Does the Celestrak site use a different name for AO-85? From this source
  • I must be going blind somewhere. :) I have searched up and down through the Keps and can't seem to find AO-85 or Fox1 in there anywhere. And because of that, I can't find that in SatPC32 of course. Is there some other name that it shows up as in the keps file that I have missed somewhere? source
  • I put the AMSATDroid free app on my Samsung smartphone (I'm new at this high tech stuff), but I can't find AO-85 listed on the app. Does AO-85 have an alternate designation or is it just not covered by AMSATDroid? source
  • Is there any reason why AO-85 is not listed in celestrak Norad elements amateur txt ?? source


  • AO-85 (Fox 1A)
  • SatPC32
  • AMSATdroid
  • GPredict
  • Celestrak


Select the AMSAT source rather than CelesTrak.


  • Due to AO-85's launch as a secondary payload on a classified mission, CelesTrak doesn't have the keps in their database. - Paul N8HM
  • AMSAT pulls the keps from the Space-Track database. I believe the policy for secondary payloads on classified missions allows only the satellite owners or their designated representatives to do so. We can then redistribute them ourselves. Of course, this policy does not make much sense. Russia and China know exactly where all of our classified satellites are. The only consequence is that we're inconvenienced. My favorite OS tracking app pulls solely from Celestrak, so I have to use another app for NO-84 and AO-85. - Paul N8HM
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