How To Get Email Notifications For Upcoming Iss Sstv Events

How to get email notifications for upcoming ISS SSTV events

If you sign up to Blogtrottr you can set it to monitor the the ARISS SSTV blog's Atom feed and email you whenever the blog is updated. The blog is is run by the ISS Ham Project Coordinator, Kenneth, N5VHO. Whenever an event is planned he updates it with the start and stop times, as well as other relevant information.

1. Signup for an account on Blogtrottr:

2. Click Subscriptions

3. Click "Subscribe to a new feed"

4. Add the Atom feed:

5. Set Schedule to Realtime

  • It might be fine to set 1 hour as apparently the ARISS SSTV blog doesn't support push and Blogtrottr will have to check the blog every hour anyway.

6. Select the following and check your email afterwards to make sure your spam filters aren't blocking Blogtrottr

  • Also send me a one-time email containing all items currently available on this feed.

Now whenever a new post is added to the ARISS SSTV blog you should get an email.

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