How Do You Log Satellite Contacts In Lotw


I have about 110 sat contacts to enter into a logging program then uploaded to LOTW. Question is, what's the simplest logging program (free) that will properly format the adi file for these contacts. - Jim White


  • Logbook of The World (LoTW)
  • satellite contacts


TQSL from ARRL is the simplest free logging program that supports logging satellite contacts. Here is a guide on how to use it for logging satellite contacts.

More information

If you already use LoTW to log HF/DX contacts you need to know what additional information must be in the ADIF file for LoTW to correctly match satellite contacts. The two additional bits of information required are the Propagation Mode and the Satellite Name:

Propagation Mode:
Satellite Name:

N5JB has a detailed article on this on the arrl website:
The Logbook of the World is for Satellite Operators Too

Programs that support logging satellite contacts

  • TQSL
  • DXKeeper
  • MacLoggerDX

TQSL reviews

  • You can create your new location under your call sign then add multiple QSOs on the same date/satellite, changing time and call sign per each qso and then sign and save an ADIF file for future uploading not only to LoTW, but also and other logging prorgrams. Very simple once you get the hang of it! :-) - Bob, N6REK, AMSAT# 40533
  • What's nice is that the info from the previous QSO stays on screen and you only have to change the Call and time for each entry. Saves a lot of typing. - Bob K8BL

XMLOG reviews

  • I use XMLOG…have for years…All I enter is the date and time…the call…the xmit freq either 145 or 435…the mode..always FM hi hi…power…and satellite name…CTRL-F populates the grid of the station you worked once you tell XMLOG where to look; I use - John KI4RO
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