How do you add 2 meter only digipeaters to SatPC32


I have been trying to bounce packet off of pcsat ( and iss when service returns )put need help with setting up the text setup files for pcsat32 and the kenwood ts-2000I can edit the doppler file to add the 2m downlink but the radio's 'sat mode' isn't liking split vfo with thesame band uplink on the right side of the radio..?? From this amsat-bb post


  • Windows
  • SatPC32
  • single band satellite operation


You have to use SatPC32ISS.

SatPC32ISS.Exe (in the following SatPCISS) is a special version of SatPC32 for radio amateur operation via the ISS. The program provides "In-Band" frequency control with several radios. While "normal" amateur satellites use different bands for uplink and downlink both frequencies of the ISS are in the 2m band. The "normal" SatPC32 switches the radios into satellite mode to allow full duplex operation (transmitting and receiving at the same time). Therefore uplink and downlink must be in different bands. From

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