Multiple Profiles

Creating Multiple Profiles in GoSatWatch


You can create the equivalent of profiles in the GoSatWatch by cloning an element set then selecting only those satellites of interest. You then select the element set you want from the Satellites menu. The element sets are additive, therefore you can create three different profiles, for example: FM, Linear, Digital. You can enable any or all to provide a list of tracked sats depending upon your interest.


  • Select Settings / Orbital Elements / Add new
  • Name the entry as appropriate, e.g. FM
  • Add the link of the element set, e.g.
  • Turn on 'Select newly detected satellites'
  • Select Save
  • Repeat the above sets for Linear, Digital, etc…
  • Return to < Settings when you are done adding orbital elements
  • Select Satellites
  • Uncheck all of the satellite sets (unofficially, the profiles)
  • Select the i to edit the satellites on each of the newly created profiles
  • Select only the satellites appropriate for the profile, e.g. select only the FM transponder satellites listed
  • Select < Satellites to return
  • Repeat for the other profiles (Linear, Digital) if you have them
  • Now, select the FM, Linear, Digital profiles as appropriate
  • If interested in only FM sats for the time being, select only the FM profile
  • Now, when you select Passes, Sky, or World, the satellites displayed will only be the ones you have selected in the active profile(s)
  • Another example, if you are interested in FM and Linears passes, Select those profiles in Satellites, unselect all others. Only those satellites selected in each of the profiles will be displayed in the other screens.
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