This site implements a classic Mediawiki-style wiki in Wikidot. Contact us if you want to contribute…we welcome it! You can find our email addresses on our QRZ.com profiles (WF7T and KG4AKV)


  1. Respect, above all else
  2. This is for amateur radio satellites only (no EME)
  3. Use wiki manners for creating and vetting info
  4. If you copy information from a forum thread please refactor it using markup to make it presentable
  5. Cite sources and include attributions whenever appropriate
  6. Content may be cited by moderators/editors as requiring changes to content and/or formatting
  7. Content may be refactored (edited) by contributors/moderators/editors at any time for the sake of accuracy, clarity and consistency
  8. No “for sale” signs, personal or commercial
  9. Accuracy matters
  10. Brevity matters
  11. Be thankful of the contributors
  12. This information is not warrantied, and contributors/administrators are not responsible for injury or loss; this info is used at your own risk
  13. Contributors, please read the legal page and associated links

Site design goals

In the beginning the goal should be to make information as easy as possible to find. If it is hidden no one will stay on the page for long. That means just one main index on the front page, at least until lots of information is added and it gets unwieldy. Do not make complicated hierarchies of pages that you have to go through to find a page. Just add it in an existing section on the main page or if it doesn't fit add a new section and put it as a bullet under that. Don't add links to pages that don't exist yet. That can turn people off if they click it and there is nothing there. If you want to let people know there is a need for a new page add it to the to-do list.

Use sentence case when titling things. It's easier to read for non-native speakers. ie "How to aim an arrow antenna" instead of "How To Aim An Arrow Antenna"

Difference between an FAQ and How-to


  • Stands for Frequently Asked Questions (but you knew that)
  • These are the questions that we encounter all of the time in the mailing list, forums, social media
  • These are also questions that people don't ask because they think they will invite ridicule


  • How you do something!
  • Long-form tutorials
  • Training

Todo list

If you think something needs to be done (like add information or a new page), add it to the to-do list, or if you want something to do, do something on it.

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